Saturday, 28 September 2013

Early childhood

Dato' Bernard Chandran himself

Dato Bernard Chandran was born in 27 february 1968 to an indian father Mr.Ramachandran and chinese mother Mrs. Chow Yok Lin. At first, Chandran father wanted him to become an accountant and he agreed with the idea but later changed his mind to become a tobacconist. When ask why did he chosed to be a tobacconist in his early teen, his response would be 'it is a good career!'

It was all passing interest career until he reached his 16 year of age that he made up his mind to become a fashion designer. Chandran started off his footprint in fashion by attended international fashion training centre (IFTC) located at petaling jaya, selangor.

He later persued his study at the prestigious fashion school in paris.

Unfortunately i can't find real visual building for both schools. 
But snort not, you may gather piece by piece of information regarding IFTC form this website

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Monday, 23 September 2013

Greeting !!!

Assalamualaikum to the readers of this blog. Let's kick off our journey with greetings and a note from the author.
Hye everyone! Thank you so much for drop by my page and spend a little of your time here. I'll make sure it will not go to waste. A special thanks I abide to Madam Nur Nubailah for the guidance and motivation she pours by the existance of this blog.
The main reason why i created this page is because to complete my assignment for Digital and Mobile Communication (ITE 3563) and in hope to achieve great marks. InsyaALLAH.

Dato' Bernard Chandran on
What comes to your mind when someone mentions about fashion? yeah of course some vivid images of pretty fancy clothes, some high-end fashion house names, Shoes, handbags flew to your mind. And yeah some will think of a few models that walk the runways and also some well-known designers. The designer that no need an introduction such as Karl Lagerfeld who mostly known for designs Chanel and Fendi label, the late Alexander Mcqueen who gave his signature remarks for McQ, Vera Wang that known with her illustrious wedding dresses and so on. But do you realise that Malaysia also have our own designer which has started to steal world attention?
Yep! He is non other than Dato' Bernard Chandran. Most of us thought he was just a gorgeous model who will pose for magazine editorial. Hold on! before you start to feel giddy all over,behind all those masculinities lie a true Malaysia's king of fashion. He is no doubt are the one who responsibles to design all the embellishments for a mind blowing Bernard Chandran label runway show. 

Bernard Chandran official label

The objectives of this blog is simply:
  1. To gather existed and genuine information regarding the famous Bernard Chandran and his contributions toward Malaysia.
  2. To understand better and appreciate one of the most celebrated Malaysia's individual
  3. To fulfill the requirement task for subject Digital and Mobile Communication
  4. To inspire younger generation who have deep passion in fashion designing with successful individual
  5. To give chances to reader especially Malaysian pioneer generation motivation after reading others high achievement.
T    This blog will be contented with Dato' Bernard Chandran's information from his first step in this world reaching to his mega gold step in world-renowned fashion industry. My hope is, this blog will aspire many people including myself to portray Chandran as an idol and someone who contribute to our beloved nation.

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