Saturday, 12 October 2013

Marriage and Family

Have you ever dream of being married to the famous good looking person on the face of the earth? Of course everyone have the same dream. Me included!
What flew to my mind when i first saw this couple back then was 'this is what we call Match made in Fashion heaven'.

Dato Bernard Chandran and Datin Mary Lourdes at Motor sport event

Dato' Bernard Chandran met the love of his life Datin Mary Lourdes when everyone was fell under Nirvana, the world-renowned rock band, smell like teen spirit spell. Both of them met at model of the year search 1987. The relationship which first started as a friendship turns out to be so much more when both of them eventually fell in love and tie the knot after. Now they were married for 18 years!
The lovely couple were blessed with five children four boys and one beautiful young girl.
Dato Bernard chandran and Datin Mary Lourdes with their five children
What interesting about this couple is eventhough they are surrounded by glamors and glitters from all aspects they were not drowned to it. According to Dato' Bernard Chandran himself, both his wife and him do not want to raise their children under the spotlight instead both of them is strict with the children as he insist on performing a pooja(prayer) every morning. He wants his children to grow up with a set of values and faiths.
We can see that Bernard Chandran is not raising his kids similar those Hollywood stars who brings up their kids just so they can show their status as world star and well-known individual. Take for example Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes sweet little toddler, Suri Cruise, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt children, and lastly The Beckhams.

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