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Bernard Chandran latest collection Spring/Summer 2014 in London Fashion Week (LFW) and his autumn/ winter 2013/2014 collection also showcased at London Fashion Week.


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Bernard Chandran's on Celebrities and The royalties.

Bernard Chandran has been out and about to hollywood celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Estelle, Tori Amos and Rihanna.
Chandran's is also one of the most prominent label among the royalties and socialite of Malaysia. Recently he took a courageous step by revealing all his past and present hand-made collection which he designed for the royalties of Malaysia and Brunei in his exhibition at Sultan Abu Bakar Museum Pekan, Pahang. Most of the authentic yet uniques bridal pieces were worn by The Queens and Princess of Malaysia's state nor Brunei royalties during their traditional wedding celebration.
What fascinated about his exhibition was, each of the pieces showcases have their own stories and background attached and the most outstanding attention grabber piece that he took out from his personal 1996 archive is the long kebaya with beige Lurex material and a lot amount of crystals were sewn onto the precious dress. 

THE DRESS: the well-said long kebaya with crystals from his 1996 archive.

Bernard Chandran Malay Wedding Sultan Abu Bakar Museum Pekan Pahang Royal -004
Few from many of his royal bridal costumes showcased in at Museum Pekan, Pahang.

Lady Gaga in Bernard Chandran's at Brit Award.
Tori Amos and Dato' Bernard Chandran at his fashion show.

Estelle in Bernard Chandran's at Grammy Award.

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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Awards and Success.

Dato' Bernard Chandran earned his honorary title 'Datuk' back in 2006 by Sultan Pahang, Malaysia Sultan Ahmad Shah Sultan Abu Bakar.
He also has been awarded by Malaysian International Fashion Alliance's [MIFA] Special Achievement Award in 2009.
He was voted Designer of the Year by the Malaysian International Fashion Awards in 2003.
He became the first non-European to win the Open European Contest for Look of the Year 2000. 
In 1991, he became the first non-European to win the coveted Silk, Cut Young Designers Award
In 1991 and won a place on the menswear course at the L’Union Des Chambers Syndicales Parisiennes in Paris.
Besides that Dato' Bernard Chandran has also landed a few roles in televesion. First off, he was chosen as a chief designer in Project runway Malaysia that was shown on august 3rd 2007 after two years from his debuted his haute couture label in London. 
He was alo has been invited as a guest judge for Britain Next Top Model cycle 6, episode 12 which all of the contestant are given the opportunity to as a runway model for his label. 

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The journey of a King part 2

What Malaysia can be proud of Dato' Bernard Chandran is, he not just own a boutique at KL Plaza, he definitely has spread his wings to europe and launched his couture collection in his boutique in knightsbridge, London.

Chandran himself says that he got an inpiration for his creation mainly from his ancestry which is China, Indian as well as Malay including some of other eastern cultures. He also stated that his range of design for oversea shows are much daring compared to his range of design for Malaysia shows. this might due to the fact that Malaysian are slightly conservative when playing dress up. He started to venture into London Fashion scene in the middle of 2005.

He also stated that he truly got his inspiration for his collection from his clientele. For Chandran, comfortable is a priority when designing his line. He then added 'My main inspiration is my mum. I discover myself through her.  I am truly inspired by her younger days in the 50s, where they actually took every effort to be fashionable. Given the limited resources at that time, she would take the pain to create and sew her own clothes, putting them together to look stylish.  I truly admire her creativity, the passion to create and the effort to look good' .

Chandran's also just opened up his recent concept store targeted the young generation especially the teenagers name Area 27 in KL. This multi-label store represents the pop eastern culture plus high street style. It offers limited items in every seasons of the year.

According to some convenient resources, Chandran loves to play with material such as satin and constructual design for his collection.

The well-spoke constructual sleeves desgin by him

His design from the same collection line.
Models at the backstage of Bernard Chandran runway show.

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Sunday, 13 October 2013

The journey of a King part 1

Involves in fashion industry it is normal to be surrounded by hot models and creative stylist everywhere. Many of us can imagine and know what it is like to be in the backstage which normally packed with models getting ready for the runway show. Dato' Bernard Chandran says he was well-known for being shy backstage around the undressed models back when he was still in the fashion school.
According to Malaysia tatler , Chandran was once stated "i never thought of being a fashion designer, i always wanted to be a businessman".

Bernard Chandran boutique at Farenheit 88

Chandran opened his first store during 1993 at KL plaza (now known as Farenheit 88after four whole years consolidated his fashion studies at Paris . Parallel to his beginning business, the store was just a small rented shop located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. According to him, the business was not run as smooth as he expected during the first two years. They have to struggle doing promotion for the shop to get attention from the citizens. Chandran slowly built up his clientele among the rich and famous of Malaysia's. After battling with few mean and jealous competitors, now Bernard Chandran store at Farenheit 88  has stretched out to four shops wide and nearly 300 meters in an area. 

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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Marriage and Family

Have you ever dream of being married to the famous good looking person on the face of the earth? Of course everyone have the same dream. Me included!
What flew to my mind when i first saw this couple back then was 'this is what we call Match made in Fashion heaven'.

Dato Bernard Chandran and Datin Mary Lourdes at Motor sport event

Dato' Bernard Chandran met the love of his life Datin Mary Lourdes when everyone was fell under Nirvana, the world-renowned rock band, smell like teen spirit spell. Both of them met at model of the year search 1987. The relationship which first started as a friendship turns out to be so much more when both of them eventually fell in love and tie the knot after. Now they were married for 18 years!
The lovely couple were blessed with five children four boys and one beautiful young girl.
Dato Bernard chandran and Datin Mary Lourdes with their five children
What interesting about this couple is eventhough they are surrounded by glamors and glitters from all aspects they were not drowned to it. According to Dato' Bernard Chandran himself, both his wife and him do not want to raise their children under the spotlight instead both of them is strict with the children as he insist on performing a pooja(prayer) every morning. He wants his children to grow up with a set of values and faiths.
We can see that Bernard Chandran is not raising his kids similar those Hollywood stars who brings up their kids just so they can show their status as world star and well-known individual. Take for example Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes sweet little toddler, Suri Cruise, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt children, and lastly The Beckhams.

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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Early childhood

Dato' Bernard Chandran himself

Dato Bernard Chandran was born in 27 february 1968 to an indian father Mr.Ramachandran and chinese mother Mrs. Chow Yok Lin. At first, Chandran father wanted him to become an accountant and he agreed with the idea but later changed his mind to become a tobacconist. When ask why did he chosed to be a tobacconist in his early teen, his response would be 'it is a good career!'

It was all passing interest career until he reached his 16 year of age that he made up his mind to become a fashion designer. Chandran started off his footprint in fashion by attended international fashion training centre (IFTC) located at petaling jaya, selangor.

He later persued his study at the prestigious fashion school in paris.

Unfortunately i can't find real visual building for both schools. 
But snort not, you may gather piece by piece of information regarding IFTC form this website

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